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siguen las reseñas del cd...en breve las paso a castellano por ahora..

KUMBIA QUEERS-La Gran Estafa Del TropiPunk (2010)
I used to get asked a lot about my sexual orientation (I don't know, maybe some people see my open-mindness and my lack of macho taboos as some sort of suspicious sign of ambiguity, or maybe it's the fact that I used to go-go dance at gay clubs, who knows!) and my answer was always the same, "I'm bisexual." And then I'd add, "I like women and lesbians."I know, it's and old douchy joke that high-school kids used to say back in the day, but there's a lot of truth in it. The thing is I've said that same statement to many of my lesbian friends (and I had quite many throughout my life, I used to DJ at a lesbian club night for a while too) and surprisingly, they all found it a lot funnier than my straight friends.I say surprisingly, because according to popular mythology you would assume that lesbians would instantly read in my self-description the intrinsically offensive connotation (insinuating lesbians are not exactly women) and their "feminazi agendas" wouldn't let it pass, and I would be forever excluded from their circles and my name would be written on pussy blood on the ever-expanding list of men to castrate (ok, that last bit might've gone a little too far).Nothing further from reality. Lesbians, at least in my personal experience, have a great sense of humor especially when making fun of themselves and not taking themselves seriously.Kumbia Queers are the best example of this that I could ever think of. Not only they are the incarnation of the coolest idea for a transnational band to come up in the last decade. Not only do they make some kick ass tunes. They also make me piss my pants laughing out loud when I listen to their lyrics. That ironic approach to cumbia's kitschness that I've mentioned infinite times in this blog, so relevant to the cumbia's new school, particularly in Mexico and Argentina, finds its epitome in the work of these Mexican-Argentine super team of punky amazons. La Gran Estafa Del TropiPunk (title obviously referring to the Sex Pistol's movie, dude I would've love being the Queers' Malcom McLaren!) is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year (it has Toy Selectah and Pablo Lescano lending some hands in the production!) and I got it right before its official release, sent to me by Queer Ali Gua Gua herself! (Sorry, I'm not sharing, you gotta wait until it comes out). I played a couple of tracks ("Feriado Nacional" and "Daniela") yesterday at Celso Piña's concert and the crowd instantly loved them. Unlike their first album, which was crowded with hilarious bastard covers of very well known songs (by the likes of The Ramones, The Cure, Madonna, Black Sabbath), in this new album there's a lot more original and the covers are a lot more obscure: one of my favorite moments of listening to this album was when I found their version of April March's "Chick Habit," a song immortalized by Tarantino in Death Proof (a.k.a. the best movie EVER!). Just that 30 seconds intro of that song ("Mal Caracter"), with all the profanity and the self-deprecating humor and the inside jokes ("I'm not mixing this. Go do your recording with Toy!") are enough to convert any Kumbia infidel into a fundamentalist Queers' fan. I've never met this chicks personally (I did however meet Ali once, a long time ago when she was with riot-grrrl punk group Las Ultrasónicas. I don't even thinks she remembers this, but back then I was supposed to do an interview with them backstage after a show and somehow, my coworker found me making out with one or was it two of them? I don't know, those memories are very blurry, but I know Ali is an avid reader of this blog and I wanted to share this here because I know she might find it funny, was it you Ali?) but I know we would get along great because we have one thing in common, we all like women, and lesbians, and kumbia, with a "k".

buen (des)censo y mejor (assss) censo

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