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la gran del disco.

La gran estafa del tropi punk, comentario sobre el disco.

Aqui el comentario del disco LA GRAN ESTAFA DEL TROPI PUNK por Marcelo Nacotheque nyc. lo ven aqui

pero lo pegue a continuacion....

Jesus, Maria y Jose! We haven't been this excited for a record in a very, very long time. As if the amazing concept of Kumbia Queers -- five queer Latina punks that play cumbias -- isn't overwhelmingly cool in itself, they just went ahead and dropped an amazing second full-length on our dumbfounded asses. We're barely getting over their first one! Our dance parties/house cleaning quehacer will never be the same. And hey, if Diplo (M.I.A) can get into cumbia, why can't you?
Did your head just do a complete 360º å la Exorcist? It should have, no es para menos; there's so much awesomeness in Kumbia Queers that we ourselves can barely stand it. Let's do a quick recap; Kumbia Queers are a "tropical punk" fivesome that play and write their own cumbias concerning hook ups, drugs, parties, murder, and just being awesome -- we'll give you a second to digest that. Done? Great. Did we mention they also do cumbia covers of The Cure, Nancy Sinatra, Black Sabbath, and Bronco? We'll give you another second to digest that, too.
This, La Gran Estafa Del Tropipunk [The Great Tropipunk Swindle], is Kumbia Queers' second full-length record and it's launching this weekend. We've got a preview! The opening track kicks off with a hip hop beat that makes a nice slide into a villera-styled, synth heavy cumbia thump. Check it out:

Amazing. You can immediately hear their overall musicianship and songwriting has vastly improved. Their first record has a lot of charm but it sounds very indie, as if it was roughly recorded (it probs was) and certain kinks were still being worked out. This second effort is much, much more polished; it has better production, arrangements, and incredibly catchy hooks. And, well, duh -- they've been playing America non-stop from tip to tip! Canada, US, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, etc., and quite a few times around. Thanks to this, their sound is tighter and much more evolved. A lot the typical Latin cumbia variations are there; Mexican, Colombian, Villera, etc., but they also manage to sprinkle tinges of reggaeton, hip hop, and rock. Best of all? It's very well integrated.
Sorry but we don't have the production credits so we can't get into the technical side of things. Of the few things we do know is that Quique Rangel (Cafe Tacuba) & Toy Selecta (Control Machete) play something or other. A full record upload on myspace, iTunes, Amazon -- or whatever medium you use -- is imminent. Keep your ass posted.
Las queremos un chingo, de a madre!

por marcelo nacotheque nacomprende.

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