sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

mas reseñas de la gran estafa!

Siguen las buenas reseñas de LA GRAN ESTAFA DEL TROPI PUNK


by rupture

tHE sECOND aLbUm BY thE kUMBIA qUEERS, “La Gran Estafa del Tropipunk” (The Great Tropipunk Swindle) is fantastic! Following up on their covers LP, this is a record of primarily original material from “six girls who play tropical punk,” easily one of the albums of the year if you live within earshot of my world.
I can’t find a purchase point at the moment, so I’ll hold off on further notes until I can link to magic you can buy. Suffice to say I’ve been waiting for this ever since producer-wizard Pablo Lescano of Damas Gratis played material from it over his SUV’s incredible soundsystem as we swerved around Buenos Aires (an optimal listening experience if there ever was one).

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